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Eirik Ott

Eirik Ott won Punniest of Show in the 2006 O. Henry Pun-Off and was third in 2009. He won the mmMVP Award in 2007.

Video: O. Henry Pun-Off, Eirik Ott

Eirik Ott competes in the Punniest of Show portion of the 2010 O. Henry Pun-Off. His entry punned on Harry Potter titles being used for pornographic movies. It was very funny.

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O. Henry Pun-Off 2010: Punniest of Show Results

Today’s O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships lead off with the Punniest of Show competition, where contestants had ninety seconds to present prepared punnish material. At 90 seconds, a whistle was blown, and if the contestant was still going when the bell was run at 120 seconds, he or she was disqualified.

Each contestant was given scores from one to ten by the six judges. The highest and the lowest scores were thrown out, and the remaining were summed for a … Read the rest...