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Stock in Trade

This was sent to us by Edward Nelson [].

Professor Jacques Bacque was a most notable scientist and his chosen field of study was genetics. He knew his DNA forwards and backwards. Professor Bacque was the foremost predicter of births in the world. He would simply take some liquid from the mother’s womb, test the DNA structure, and tell the parents to be the sex of their child.

He was often called upon to give testimony and to act as … Read the rest...

Highvays and byvays!

This one was sent to Brian by Edward Nelson whom we thank.

During WW2 a group of British advance troops were captured by the Germans. Because they were advance troops, the Germans wanted to know what they were up to, so they brought them into Gestapo Headquarters. They questioned these troops, but got no information, so they called in their top interrogator. His philosophy was to first break their spirit, so he devised a particularly heinous method to break their … Read the rest...