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More Native Americans

This effort came from Don Schricker.

There is a tribe of Indians living on a mesa way into the central part of the state. As with many tribes and reservations, conditions are very difficult — the primary problem being the absence of a source of water up on the mesa. There is a river running at the base of the mesa many hundreds of feet below. Unfortunately, again as with many other such situations, electrical power is many, many miles … Read the rest...


This little gem and certain others were sent to me by Don Schricker. I have seen alternative, political versions, and there is another variant elsewhere in this collection.

Well, it’s happened again. Big problem. All the banks computers crashed as a result of hacking by unknown computer vandals. Enormous amounts of data, accounts, amounts, names, addresses were lost and everything was rendered useless. The various governments, local, state and federal were all called into the investigation to find the perpetrators … Read the rest...