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Poetic Justice

This is by Don Kirkman who posted it on alt.humor.puns. Thanks.

Lovely Ophelia Payne, a warm hearted young lady, joined other like souls in visiting inmates of the local prison. As her visits continued she realized that one inmate in particular, Larsen E. Rapp, showed a sensitivity that she had rarely seen in a man. She came to understand that he spent long hours in the prison library, soaking up the best of American and English literature, and particularly the … Read the rest...

Let Your Hair Down

This was posted by Don Kirkman via alt.humor.puns.

Out here near Hollywoodland, they’re starting to make a fuss over the beautiful lady rapper with the long blond hair. One of her trademarks is the way she works puns into her lyrics.

Apparently one of entertainment reporters asked her why she does that, and she told him that it’s because, obviously, rap puns sell.… Read the rest...