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This is by Dave Aronson []. It was published on the groaners listserv, and for us living in the Center of the Universe, it should sound familiar.

Once upon a fairly recent time, there was a puritanical family in the rural hinterlands of Massachusetts. Ma, Pa, Sis, and Bro were so poor, that they sent Bro off to The Big City, den of evil that it was, to make some money to send home.

Being a strapping young farm lad, … Read the rest...

Out of Sorts

By Dave Aronson, based on a character by Reginald Bretnor. It was posted to the Gaggle of Groaners listserv. Dave asks that we provide a llnk to his home page.

Ferdinand Feghoot the Fourteenth was a grizzled veteran at embedded software, but even he occasionally ran across a processor he hadn’t worked on before. The boss called him into the office one day….

“Ferd, we’ve got to write some software for an absolutely ancient computer. I want you to … Read the rest...