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Ga, Ga over this one

Dan Dutcher wrote this version for Stan Kegel. Older versions exist. It is all over the internet, and I found a copy on the Georgia Tech Alumni site under the title “World’s Worst Joke”. That, it is not.

In conjunction with his retaliation against a coup attempt by a number of rebellious nobles, King George I had a huge mahogany torture rack constructed, intending to utilize it in punishing the leaders of an uprising. His advisors solved the problem of … Read the rest...

Two for the price of one

By Dan Dutcher with a response by Alan B. Combs

Dan Dutcher swears that he was taking a nap on a flight from Hawaii to the mainland, when he awoke and said to his companion, “I just dreamt a pun.” He then took out a sheet of paper and wrote this story.

Shortly after Sonny Bono’s untimely demise, I was having a drink with my friend, Harry, a highly respected superior court judge. He mentioned that his father had been … Read the rest...