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This is another *old* one that cycles in an out in various incarnations. Time to add it to the collection. I first learned it from Carl Erickson. A different version was recently posted by IMNigma on alt.callahans.

Tornado Alley! Parts of North Texas, moving through Oklahoma, and into Kansas. The twisters will blow and cause large amounts of damage. As it happens, a particularly large cyclone picked up the contents of a fish pond and some houses, and carried them … Read the rest...

String Theory (A Naughty Solution)

I first heard this story from Carl Erickson. It is an old classic, a sad tale of discrimination and deception.

Two strings went bar hopping one evening. However, they had wandered into a part of town that didn’t cotton to strings very much, and they had a hard time getting served. They would go into a bar and order beers. The bartender would look at them and say, “We don’t serve strings around here!”, and would throw them out.

This … Read the rest...