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A Common Trigonometric Principle

There are several versions of this tale. This one is by Bryce L. Martin.

Once there was an Indian chief who divorced his squaw, to marry a younger woman. Some time after this occurred, he was out on a hunting party with some of his braves. They came upon a hippopotamus which had escaped from a travelling circus show. The chief shot it, and took the hide home to his new bride to use for a bedspread.

His two sons … Read the rest...

Middle Ages Revival

Bryce L. Martin sent this to me, saying, “I don’t recall where I stole this one from, but it’s guaranteed to start any crowd of women cursing and throwing things at you.”

Once there was this monastery in 15th century Europe that had a problem. The Monks needed funding, and their treasury was low. So they decided to hold a revival meeting (medieval style.)

First, one of the brothers started banging on this really loud, raucous drum, and shouting out … Read the rest...

Turn about is fair play

Bryce L. Martin sent the inspiration for this short tale.

The story concerns a butcher who went into a petshop. It seems he fell in love with one the seabirds in the shop. Alas, he had no money to spend, but the shop owner agreed to give him the bird in exchange for some of that delicious German sausage. The deal was made.

It seems he took a tern for the wurst!!

A variant on this pun is in a … Read the rest...

Shaggy Vampire

Yeah, this is something of an in-joke, but in this day and age, not all that in. Bryce L. Martin provided the inspiration for this story. Shall we blame him? Of course, certainly not me. As he said, the story DOS something for him.

It happened in Seattle. Yes, it really did. It occurred in the land of Bill And The Evile Empire, and the telling of the tale is almost as bad as to original event – pure horror, … Read the rest...

Fresh Fish

This was submitted by Bryce L Martin, to whom we owe thanks.

A customer was looking over the stock one day in a seafood shop, and she asked the fishmonger for advice on how to tell if a certain type of flatfish was really fresh or not. The kindly fishmonger informed her that it was a very easy matter — one must only check the eyes. If the eyes are nice and moist and rounded, it’s fresh. On the other … Read the rest...