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Bob Thaves was the creator of the wonderful “Frank & Ernest” comic panel, which regularly included horrible, awful puns. Bob passed on August 1, 2006 at the age of 81. He was Punster of the Year in 1990.

Groaners in the Comics

This shaggy tale is modified from a Frank and Ernest cartoon by former punster of the year, Bob Thaves. It also was posted to the groaners list serv.

Ernest: What are you doing, Frank?

Frank: I’m making a list of famous city songs, like “New York, New York”, “Chicago”, “San Francisco”, “St. Louis”, “Oswego”.

Ernest: Oswego? There’s a song about Oswego?

Frank: You never heard “Oswego Into the Wild Blue Yonder?”

Ernest: Stop! I won’t listen to anymore.

Frank: Not … Read the rest...

Modern Dance

This was adapted from a 1997 Frank and Ernest cartoon.

Modern dance. Some people love it, and others cannot stand it. People that love the art form say that it provides a synthesis of music and kinesthetic appreciation that at its best will bring the balm of healing to the soul. For those that do not like it, it reminds them of the worst aspects of their schooling — reeling, and writhing, and rhythmic tics.… Read the rest...


B.C., Mother Goose and Grimm, Frank and Ernest — one must read these daily for the puns and shaggy dog stories they sneak by. An October 1998 Frank and Ernest cartoon is a good example.

It appears that our two protagonists were the proprietors for a fine art and precious metals auction. When asked how the auction went, they said, “We sold everything but the kitsch and zinc.”… Read the rest...

History Decontructed

This is modified from a Frank and Ernest cartoon by former punster of the year, Bob Thaves.

In addition to what we normally hear in history class, the famous early-19th century French general was not only reponsible for a revolution in military strategy, but also he helped develop certain pieces of weaponry such as the hand grenade. The only problem occurred when a friend asked him what would happen if one of his weapons was detonated on the kitchen floor. … Read the rest...