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Bob Dvorak

Bob Dvorak

Bob Dvorak is a regular on the pun websites and the O. Henry Pun-Off. He is the 2012 Punster of the Year.

  • Mounting a Peak Effort (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Rated G on May 22, 2004)
  • Another Frosty Tale (filed in Rated G on )
  • The Coal Miner (filed in Rated G on January 25, 2004)
  • Rising Star (filed in Rated G on )
  • In Anatevka (filed in Rated G on )
  • One Wish (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Rated G on )
  • Bulimia Nervosa (filed in Limericks, P.U.N.Y. listserv, Politically Incorrect on )
  • Contamination (filed in Adult Theme, P.U.N.Y. listserv, Pun Cascade on )
  • Starring Auntie Em as the Good Witch, Glinda (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Pun Cascade, Puns, Rated G on )
  • Towing Adventures (filed in Rated G on )
  • Candide (filed in Rated G on )
  • The Knights (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Rated G on )
  • The Talking Cloth (filed in Rated G on )
  • A Hamptons Party (filed in Rated G on December 29, 2003)
  • Hockey Cheers (filed in Rated G on )
  • Chevalier (filed in Rated G on )
  • On to France (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Rated G on December 9, 2003)
  • Male Embryos (filed in Rated G on )
  • Mathematical Celebration (filed in Rated G on July 12, 2003)
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