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The Dangers Of Thinking

*Lowrie Beacham sends this warning.

It started out innocently enough. I began to think at parties now and then — just to loosen up. Inevitably, though, one thought led to another, and soon I was more than just a social thinker. I began to think alone — to relax, I told myself — but I knew it wasn’t true. Thinking became more and more important to me, and finally I was thinking all the time.

That was when things began … Read the rest...

The Wages Of Procrastination Are Puns

This is by Anne Gwin. It is healthy, by the way, to take such moments off from serious writing.

I saw a cute guy at the grocery store today, buying herbs and laundry soap. Imagine my surprise when I later saw him chasing his runaway cart all around the parking lot. I guess it just goes to show that thyme and Tide wait for no man…… Read the rest...

Tiny Bubbles?

Some time ago, several years ago in fact, there was a mad rush in alt.callahans to create puns along this line. There must be twenty or so excellent variants. This one is by Anne Gwin.

Anne bounces in with a copy of _Daily Variety_ under her arm. “Anybody remember Don Ho? Says here he got really sick of singing ‘Tiny Bubbles,’ and decided to make a comeback doing something totally different. So he talked some of his friends in NY … Read the rest...