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Gingerbread People?

This is by Alyn George [].

At some stage in our lives, each and every one of us has come across a gingerbread man. But a gingerbread woman? Not so. This is not because gingerbread men are Politically Incorrect — merely the fact that they know they have no need for a female of the species. They know that the son always rises in the yeast.… Read the rest...

Futbol, anyone?

This is from Alyn George.

Did you ever have any imaginary friends as a child? I didn’t, but I seem to be gathering more and more of them in the downhill stretch of the three score and ten. One of them, Bob (who lives in the Italian Capital) suggested the following little anecdote. He can’t submit it himself, as there are no ISP’s who are prepared to open an account for Imaginary People, so I’m submitting it because he’s my … Read the rest...

Transcending Dental

Also from Alyn George []

Just a thought:

If Clark Kent instead of a reporter, had been a dentist with a strong conviction of the benefits of dairy products because of their high calcium content, would his alter-ego have stood for Tooth Justice and the American Whey?… Read the rest...

Shaggy Hygiene

I received this from Alyn George []. Very nice, and thanks.

Little Amy came home from school one Wednesday afternoon with a note from her teacher:

“Amy’s a little distraught as we discovered an outbreak of nits in the school and had to call in the local clinic to treat the children. Please, understand that Amy hasn’t been singled out, all the children underwent the same procedure – we had to nip this in the bud.”

The following morning, Amy … Read the rest...