SWAT’s Inside That Counts

This is by Robert Dvorak.

Amidst a dramatic hostage situation unfolding in a bank in downtown Boston, the Commissioner summoned the head of the Police Department SWAT team. “Analysis has shown that the guy is generally visible from the window of an office on the thirty-second floor of the building diagonally across the street. Do you have someone available who can place a shot from there?”

“Well,” replied Captain O’Reilly, “We have Crazy Louie in the precinct today. Probably the best on our team. I’ll call him in.”

While Maintenance cut a section of glass from the window, Louie lay out on a table, on his back, head toward the window. Holding his rifle in the air, pointing downward over his shoulder and out the window, he sighted into a mirror on the stock, ever so gently squeezed the trigger, and on a single shot brought down the culprit.

Details of the incident quickly leaked to the press. “How could you possibly make a shot like that? Isn’t this somewhat unconventional?” The obvious questions flew thick and fast.

“Aw, shucks,” replied Louie. “There is nothing like odd aim.”

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