Sven, The Lazy Yodeler

By rosecatt

Sven, a rather lazy Swiss college student, was having trouble satisfying graduation credit requirements at Alpine University.

Skipping class yet again to wander around on the lower edge of a pretty small mountain (for he had not the inclination to climb very high, as usual) he happened to hear an accomplished yodeler sending out a terrific rendition of an old Alpine Yodeling Song which went something like “Yodel-eee-ooooo delllllll-teeee-ooooo del-tee-ooooooooooo yo del-teeeeeee ooooooooooooo”. It reverberated nicely, especially the oooooooooo parts.

And Sven thought, “Gee, I bet I could take a quick course in yodeling and get another credit or two – how hard could it be?”

About a month later the lazy student actually climbed up a meduim sized mountain to practice his new found skill. He stood at the edge of a cliff and sang out a hearty “Yo-deee-ooo” over and over again. It hardly even echoed, didn’t reverberate much at all, and was too short – certainly a pathetic yodel by Alpine standards.

Even so, the aforementioned really good yodeler heard this abomination and could take no more. He hiked himself over to Sven’s little mountain to complain. “That’s terrible” he lamented. “What kind of a yodel is that? Didn’t you complete the class? Didn’t you learn a whole song or anything? ‘Yo-dee-ooo’ is not a proper yodel! What did you study anyway? ”

‘Actually’ said Sven, “Just the Cliff Notes. “

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