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By Bob Dvorak

Back in the early 1980’s, Perry worked under deep cover in the old Soviet Union. He had a mole in the Kremlin, and consistently passed top-grade information back to Langley.

The usual system for getting information into the diplomatic pouch was a standard “dead-drop” network, and a “Cultural Attache” from the Embassy would, on signal, ensure that the information got back.

And then Murphy’s Law struck. On the very day that Perry had the most vital information he’d seen in six years of work, he discovered that the dead-drop had been compromised.

Quickly setting into motion the one-time-only emergency procedures for direct contact, he put the information in a miniature ROM integrated circuit, slipped it in his pocket, and headed out to the zoo.

On cue, Oliver walked up alongside him. Passwords were exchanged, and as Perry stooped to pick up a dropped newspaper, he slipped the ROM into the cuff of Ollie’s pants. As he stood up and prepared to move on, his parting words were, “No matter what happens… don’t give up the chip!”

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