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Spent a Month in School Last Week

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This was sent to us by Jamie Daly of Arlington, VA. Thank you.

When James Brown was in high school, he was not a very good student, his mind being occupied by his music most of the time. In fact, rather than write actual essays on his essay tests, he would write song lyrics, instead. When his teacher asked him to explain what he wrote, he replied with a shrug, “Brown verses, bored of education.”

Lowrie Beacham almost immediately replied:

Your latest occasioned this reply from Pete Lance–a high school English teacher. It took me a few minutes to sound it out–and wasn’t worth the effort; but for you…

It is true punsters don’t get no respect, but yes, for me it also took a few minutes, but it was worth it.

James Brown’s good friend, George Quill — called Buddy, by close friends like James, knew of James’ boredom with school and attempted to spend as much time as possible with James. Unfortunately, during one of James’ bleakest times, George went on vacation to Europe. The cheapest way for the two to communicate with each other was by telegram. On the day George was to return, James wrote to invite George to dinner.

Having already eaten, George had no choice but to reply:

Supper ate. Buddy Quill

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