Some other Knight, my Dear

This Groaner is from Hal Gwinn, the block from which certain precious chips have fallen. Understanding this one is a diagnostic indication of your age, by the way.

There’s a very old (’60’s) story about two mediaeval noblemen travelling to Jerusalem. They were passing through a desolate region in which there were no Cluniac monasteries (Cluniacs – no kidding- were great supporters of the Crusades) so the knights were very happy to see a large castle up ahead. They knocked on the door and after a moment or two, the knight burst out, dressed in chartreuse and purple.

He caroled to the wayfarers, “Oh, my goodness gracious me, I’m SO happy to see you; it’s been so beastly DULL around here, please come in and make yourselves comfortable….”

Said one traveler to the other, “Promise him anything, but give him our page”.

This is an alternative version with some documentation. It was posted by slywlf on alt.callahans who says it is from a 1967 Playboy Party jokes book!

Which reminds us of the story of the Crusaders on a long voyage. As was the practice of the time, they took along extra horses, and a page to do the dirty work of the journey. One evening they approached a castle. The custom of the day dictated that the Lord of the Castle was required to take in the travelers for the night, and they were then bound to perform some service or offer a gift in return.

The Crusaders rode up to the castle, the drawbridge was lowered, and they entered the huge courtyard. Servants met them and ushered them eagerly into the main hall, where a man in regal attire approached. “Oh, thay, am I ever glad to thee you fellas!”

In dismay, one of the crusaders whispered to another, “Promise him anything, but give him our page!”

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