Snow What

This was posted on alt.callahans by LIN KA-MING (Magus Firecow []).

Magus Firecow, overawed at all the recent wordplays decides that he’s overdue in contributing another one…

“Once, a pun, a dime, if you’d like more, ask about our bulk rate…

“Once a pun a time, there lived a brave prince, an evil step-mother, a magic mirror, a poisonous apple, seven dwarves, and a beautiful lady named Snow White.

“Seeing as how you all know how most of this story goes, I’ll just give you the part that’s usually left out. you see after the prince and Snow White get married they have the problem that they have no where to live. At least no where that’s not tainted with memories of evil queens or crowded with short people. So the happy couple decide to build a house of their own. It is a majestic building, and takes several years to almost complete. The top floor has been roughed in but the roof hasn’t yet been put on to the building.

“So, the prince and Snow White ask the dwarves to help them lift the roof onto their building. Gladly, the dwarves agree and the nine of them assemble a rope and pulley system to lift the framework of the roof.

“And so they finished the story when they lift together a pulley of rafters.”

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