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Sister Cities

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This was sent in by Frank Reid.

The residents of the town of Ramsey on the Isle of Man in the UK decided that they would partner (we call them Sister Cities) with the town of Novokutznetsk in Russia. The Manx population was very happy, as were the residents of Novokutznetsk. A large, joint celebration was planned in both towns.

To commemorate the event, the citizens of Ramsey constructed a miniature of their famous “Albert Tower” to go in the city square of Novokutznetsk. In return, the citizens of Novokutznetsk constructed a one-acre garden, using Siberian plants, on North Barrule, the hill overlooking Ramsey. This garden recreated the beauty of the plains surrounding Novokutznetsk.

It was during the ceremony in Ramsey when tragedy struck. A local farmer was herding his cattle down the hill toward town. He didn’t know about the new construction along the path he normally took. The cattle trampled the Siberian plants, the crowd started screaming, further scaring the cattle, and finally, in their headlong rush to get down the hill, the cattle fell over the high terraced edge of the garden, killing most of them.

Yes, it was one small steppe for Man, but one giant leap for Man’s kine.

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