Shrimp Scampering

This is by Ted Brett. It was published on the groaners listserv.

Stange things happen in the Bermuda Triangle. Few are surprised any longer when news arrives about shipwrecks and plane crashes in the most mysterious of places. Yet many are unaware that beneath the Atlantic’s waves, deep down on the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle, strange things also occur. One particular school of shrimp was doing its thing–swimming around, minding its own business, when a horrible hurricane struck. Winds blew and waves crashed on the surface, but beneath the waves all was serene. Two particular shrimp, Christian and Sam, were enjoying the safety and calmness beneath the waves when all of a sudden their pristine serenity was shattered: a terrific bolt of lightning struck the water and created a strange electrical phenomenon. All of a sudden, Sam was transformed into a huge, shrimp-eating squid. Needless to say, his good friend, Christian, was frightened and he and the other shrimp made for the safety of the rocks to hide from the now-ferocious Sam, the shrimp-eating squid.

Sam eventually swam off, but the other shrimp were frightened and always on the alert for the now dangerous Sam. Christian, Sam’s particular good friend, kept a sharp lookout and one day Sam returned–hungry and looking for a meal, perhaps a shrimp cocktail. Christian and the other shrimp swam for cover. Suddenly, just as had occurred months before, another storm hit the area, and a mighty bolt of lightning penetrated the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, and miraculously, Sam was transformed back into the harmless shrimp he once was and, truth be told, has always wanted to be. Gingerly, Christian and the other shrimp approached, but were soon frightened away, not certain if Sam was, in fact, a shrimp or still a dangerous squid. Just as Christian and the others turned to swim away, Sam called out, “Don’t worry. Come back. I’m harmless. I’m a prawn again, Christian.”

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