Shaggy Zone

Chris Cole calls this another abberent synapse product of his mind. I call it enjoyable.

Rod Serling, that prolific and creative creator/writer of the classic Twilight Zone series, attributed much of his success in story creation to the habit he had of always keeping a pen and pad of paper on his nightstand next his bed. Then, whenever he awoke during the night and an idea was fresh in his mind, he could quickly jot down some notes and avoid the risk of not remembering it later the next day. Whether in the middile of the night, just shortly after he retired to bed, or in the early hours before the alarm rang, Rod faithfully kept up this habit — one which proved to supply many classic Twilight Zone stories and which also helped him gain notoriety and wealth as well. Other people since then have copied Rod’s habits and have achieved similar results. It just affirms that well-kown folk proverb — Serling to bed, Serling to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!

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