Shaggy Star Trek

By Alan B. Combs

This pun is well-done in my opinion, but you do have to have a certain amount of specialized knowledge about H.P. Lovecraft and about Star Trek. My prediction, based upon test runs with this thing, is that about 1/3 will get it (so don’t feel bad). Nevertheless, because it is a child of effort, here it is.

This story has to do with those recognized celebrities, Capt. James T. Kirk and his equally well-known, Japanese-descended deck officer. To make a short story, longer, the Enterprise wandered by mistake into an H.P. Lovecraftian side-universe. After several tenebrous adventures, they were able to return back to normal space.

Kirk, being the all-knowing and wise officer he is, suddenly noticed that the aforementioned deck officer had been taken over, and was being controlled by the most evil entity in the universe from which they had just escaped.

Not wanting to alarm the other deck officers, but also wanting to let the Evil Power know that he had been identified, Capt. Kirk announced, “Straight ahead, warp five, Mr. Chthulu!”

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