Shaggy Sheep Story

By Stan Kegel

Early one morning a sheepherder was moving his flock from one pasture to another when something frightened the animals. They bolted onto the road, and nothing the shepherd did could bring them under control. He was worried because soon the morning traffic would be upon them. As he became more and more frantic, a truck rounded the bend. It stopped suddenly in front of the running sheep and a suitcase fell out of the back. The shepherd stared in amazement as his flock stopped running and walked slowly across the road. As the driver of the truck got out to retrieve his suitcase the shepherd said that that was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.

The driver replied, “I’ve always been told I had, …a case that would stop a flock.”

Chris Cole suggests that if the driver’s name was Tom Swift, then I suppose he would have “sheepishly” replied…

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