Shaggy programmer story

From this is from Thank you.

One day a computer programmer was telling another programmer the old chestnut about the Cossacks:

“…so it’s like the 19th century and they’re having a pogrom, see, and this one Cossack breaks into the house of a wealthy noble family, and says he plans to rape every woman in the place.

“Well, the young and beautiful daughter steps forward and cries, ‘Do as you will with me, Barbarian, but, please, spare my saintly maiden aunt!’

“Whereupon, the aunt pushes the girl aside and says, ‘Now, now, Dear, who’s running this pogrom, you or this nice man here?’ Get it?”

The other programmer snorts. “What’s so funny about that? Everybody knows the majority of the pogrom life cycle is spent in maiden aunts.”

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