Seychelles Independence

This is a Bob Levi original.

Did you hear how the Republic of Seychelles got its independence?

In case you don’t know, Seychelles is a group of about 100 islands located in the Indian Ocean to the northeast of Madagascar. Until 1976, these islands were a British colony. Many of the 80,000 inhabitants are of Asian decent, particularly Chinese. As a matter of fact, the ranking outgoing British official at the time was a gentleman of Chinese heritage by the name of Governor Henry See.

The British government decided to reward the people of the Seychelles nation for their loyalty. It was decided that the citizens would be allowed buy shares in their new independent democracy. Because of the large anticipated turnout at the ceremony, the transfer of shares from the British to the citizens took place on one of the main island’s most beautiful beaches. With much pomp and ceremony, Governor See presented the shares to his constituents.

The next day’s headlines around the world read: See Sells Seychelles by the Seashore.

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