Seaside Restaurant

This is an original by our PUNY grope leader, Gary Hallock. It took me a little while to get it, but I like it.

It seems this hungry shark visited a seaside restaurant. Of course a seaside restaurant for a shark is for shore a different thing than it is for humans. People go to the shore to eat seafood. Sharks go to the shore so they can see food they eat.

This particular beach was inhabited only by a herd of cows who came to graze on the nutritious seaweed growing in the shallows along the shoreline. In this shallow water also lived many large shrimp. The bloated carcass of the late Charlie the Tuna had also floated ashore and was rocking back & forth on a sand & salad bar.

Well the shark took a good long look at this meager menu and then called for the wader. “Wader, are these the only three things you have to eat here today?” “Yes, I’m afraid so, sir,” The wader apologized, “In fact these are the only three items that are ever on our menu. You sea, our motto here is ‘It’s always Starkist, beef or the prawn.'”

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