Salad Days

By the ever-creative rosecatt.

I was having dinner at a nice restaurant the other night. The couple at the next table were smooching from the moment they sat down. Oh how romantic, young love!

The waiter took their order and shortly afterwards, dishes began to arrive at their table. The young man took a bite of his food and suddenly jumped up and gave his lady a such a big hug that she emitted a loud squeal of delight. Heads turned all around! But they seemed not to notice and the man sat down as if nothing unusual had happened.

This strange behavior continued for several minutes. The man would take a bite of food, jump up quickly and hug the girl, she would squeal, everyone would look at them oddly, and he would sit down. This bizarre routine was repeated about ten times!

When my waiter came by to refresh my coffee, I mentioned the ‘entertainment’ and he said “Oh, that’s not unusual at all. You see, that man ordered the Seize Her Salad.

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