This was originally posted by Steve Poge. I hadn’t come across it before.

The financial situation had been very bad for several months. Because he was out of work and destitute, a young man decided to rob a bank. After days of observation, he chose a small satellite bank facility across the metropolitan area from where he was living. He spent several days planning every move. Late one dark and moonless night he picked the lock on the rear door of the bank without difficulty.

He stealthily crept through the bank to the place where he knew the safe stood. Then his troubles began. While trying to pick the lock on the safe, he set off the burglar alarm, but his careful preparation paid off. He had brought along a furniture dolly. He quickly loaded the small safe onto the dolly and rolled it out to his van.

He drove to a friend’s house and explained his problem. He asked if, in exchange for some of the loot, he might store the safe in the friend’s garage for a few days. His friend assured him, “You can rest at peace, your safe is secret with me!”

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