This was posted on the groaners listserv by Stan Kegel.

British royalty has had it’s share of troubles, but one scandal is little known, as it was settled out of court, and hidden from the tabloids.

What happened was, years earlier, a man named Andrew Loynes was born into the third generation of ranchers that tended the royal’s livestock. Unfortunately, when Andrew was young, he was molested by a Prince, and he never got over it.

A few years later, for revenge, Andrew went out late at night, shot a large number of the royals’ best beef cattle, then cut out some of the best parts and sold the meat on the black market.

To cover up the problem, the royals did not punish Andrew. Instead, they awarded him a generous life-time pension, and knighted him. To this day, that cut of beef that he sold on the black market is known as . . . Sir Loyne’s take!

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