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This is by Liquor and was posted on alt.callahans.

Some of the older patrons may recall when Hertz had a television commercial that showed a man (O. J. Simpson) flying along, apparently seated on thin air, above a convertible, and descending into the drivers seat.

Their slogan was, of course, “Let Hertz put you in the drivers seat”.

This was a bit of an accomplishment in that day and age, since computers and modern FX were yet to be commonplace. They accomplished this by placing the actor on a long boom that extended back from the camera truck (which was also towing the car involved) and a set of mirrors was used to reflect the (moving) background into the lens in order to hide the boom in the final film.

Of course there were numerous takes required to adjust the mirrors, and to get used to lowering the actor into the seat properly. After about the fourth missed landing, he commented, “I don’t care about being in the driver’s seat, but when you land on the gear shift, it Hertz!”

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