Rat Salad

From a Local Talk Show.

One of the topics on an October 2006 Sam and Bob Austin call-in-show was a discussion about the Dallas Cowboy coach whose wife and au pair claimed to have found a small rat in a take-home salad from Mickie D’s.

The conversation turned to what type of salad dressing would be appropriate with a rat salad. Bleu Cheese was suggested because rodents like cheese.

The best suggestion by a caller, however, was vinaigratt.

rosecatt added: I enjoy a glass of Mousecatel with Mediterranean dishes like mousakka, or ratatouille.

Then she added:

This crazyass rat just barged in here and saw all the emails everyone is sending about rats and mice and stuff. So I very politely asked him to leave, y’know? But he took it personal-like and accused me of sassing him.

That’s BS, anyone that knows me can tell you that I never give a rat sass.

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