Rainbow Gathering

This is by John (the Wysard). Vinson via: alt.callahans.

John the Wysard hasn’t been following the thread about the Rainbow Gathering, but does recall something he learned about it.

“The Gathering isn’t a highly organized or structured group, of course; but the members do like a way to identify one another when they’re not actually gathered. A couple of low-key identifying marks are used.”

“One is derived from Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition logo – a perfect circle in rainbow colors. For the Gathering they simplify this to a button (or pin, or earring, whatever the person fancies) bearing simply a letter O.”

“Others, and some of the people who wear the letter logo, will hang a tiny metal bird (usually a Bluebird, for the joy of it) from the zipper of their almost-uniform blue jeans.”

“In other words, it’s as Judy Garland sang in the Wizard of Oz… ‘Some wear “O” for the Rainbow, blue-bird flies'”

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