Queen Elizabeth I

This is a pun by Ralph D. Jeffords. Thank you, Sir.

It was early one summer that the Royal Bell Ringers were about to prepare for the annual ringing of the bells at Canterbury Cathedral. In celebration of the event Queen Elizabeth I arranged that each person involved be adorned with a celebratory crown made of flowers, twigs and the local cherries that were just now in season.

About this same time, her imprisoned cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, was being accused along with her cohorts of plotting to overthrow Elizabeth. As the celebration started the Royal Bell Ringers paraded before the crowd in front of the cathedral. Before the official change ringing, the queen announced the insidious plot of Mary and her followers to the cheering crowd. So her gathered subjects that day fondly remembered this event as the time the queen had bings on her ringers and tells on her foes!

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