Punster of the Year 2019 Announced

The Punsters United Nearly Yearly (PUNY) announced that the 2019 Punster of the Year (POTY) is Scott Hilburn, author of the syndicated comics The Argyle Sweater.

The Argyle Sweater comic appears in over 200 newspapers worldwide including the New York Daily News, The LA Times, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune.  His comic has also been a top selling desk calendar at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com for over 10 years and can be found adorning the covers of greeting cards at Target and Walmart.  And last, he also has five books from his publisher, Andrews McMeel, that feature a collection of his work – including “The Itty Bitty Knitty Committee” and “Puns of Steel”.

Scott’s been drawing since he could hold a pencil.  When he later realized he had a punchent for writing dad jokes, gags and groaners that matched well with his art style, he set out to make a career of it through newspaper syndication.  The world has been laughing (and shaking their heads) ever since.

Before becoming a newspaper cartoonist, Scott worked in multimedia creation for various telecom companies.  He also once worked for an underwear manufacturer but the job was brief.

It’s Scott’s first year of involvement with the O. Henry Pun-Off, but he is looking forward to many more years of being a pun in the ass.

Story originally from O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships.

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