Puns in the Comics II

Another small collection from recent comics.

The preacher whose sermon on titheing kept 10% of the audience awake.

A woman’s unborn baby does not qualify her for the “High Occupancy Vehicle” lane of the freeway.

The counterfeiter displaying his First Dollar on the wall.

Heaven’s Visitors Lounge is for folks having near-death experiences.

The inept and clumsy person trying to be a clown should join the Jerque du Soleil.

The cat at the beach asks the owner why one should vacation at such a gigantic toilet.

Frankenstein and Igor at the Build-A-Bear store.

Mr. Potato Head telling Jack he needs to think outside the box.

The TV-sports watcher using the World Cup to catch up on the sleep he’s missed the last four years.

And Noah’s wife was Joan of Arc.

Pyrites of the Caribbean falling for fools gold.

If a diamond really is forever, why shouldn’t the payments be so, also?

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