Pun-Off Warm-Up Event This Friday

Gary Hallock, organizer of the O.Henry Pun-Off, just sent out the following announcement:

Hello again my punny paramours,

This Friday, May 7, I will host a third informal gathering of Pun-Off contestants & fans. This time we will be gathering downtown at one of our favorite places, Opal Divine’s Freehouse at 700 W. 6th. This is in Downtown Austin right next door to Katz’s Deli. We’ll be congregating upstairs around 6:30 and holding forth until around 10pm. Watch again for me in my American Flag shirt.

Even if you don’t show up for this one, I’ll optimistically continue hosting these gatherings weakly at various places around town right up until Pun-Off day, May 22. (Hey! A guy’s still gotta eat!) These get togethers are designed jest to allow all participants a chance to meet & greet each other for some friendly sparring and witty warm-up. Of course if you don’t show up, then I’ll just sit there and play with myself until they throw me out.

As the contest date draws near, I’m sure many of you will start taking getting more serious about sharpeni your punning your punning skills. Come early and/or stay late. It’s all in good pun!

Gary Hallock – Pun-Off producer/emcee

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