Pun-Off Registration: Cold feet, anyone?

Gary Hallock, producer and emcee of the O.Henry Pun-Off, has an update for participants in the Pun-Off competition.

Hello again Pun-Off contestants, (and innocent bystanders too)

I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from participating to the fool list in this year’s O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships, but I am compelled to remind everyone that we have a very fool slate of contestants this year. If there’s some chance that you’ve only entered the contest on a whim and are starting to get cold feet, I know that there are many on the waiting lust who would sure love to come out of purgatory and begin their panicked preparations in earnest. As usual, on the day of the contest we will turn over any unclaimed positions to folks on the stand-by list at high noon.

(Note: If you registered on or after April 21, you may have seen a notice that states you’re on the “stand-by” list. Over the course of this next week, I will be sending out individual emails to those registrants whose positions do become confirmed, when/if there is any change.)

If your feet are only yet a bit chilly, you’re certainly welcome to cling to your delusions of adequacy right up until the vinyl moments, but I should warn you that no one is allowed to barter or sell his/her place in line to anyone for love or punny. Dealing with this last minute foolishness always tends to slow down the commencement of the contest too, so anything we can do to expedite the registration process now will be considered a big favor to our volunteers on the day of the event, May 22.

Beast twitches,

Gary Hallock – Pun-Off producer/emcee

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