Potted Grass

These lovely tales are from the groaners listserv.

A rock group on tour is motoring through Wyoming in its luxurious recreational vehicle. Suddenly, their passage is obstructed by hundreds of steers. The musicians hail a cowboy and politely ask if they may drive through in order to meet their concert date.

“No way,” snaps the cattleman.

The rockers huddle to consider their options, then return to the stubborn cowboy.

“We’ve got some really unusual grass,” they offer slyly. “Marijuana in suppository form.”

The cowboy accepts the bribe and reins in the animals long enough to allow the group’s bus to proceed.

Moral? … A herd in the band is worth boo in the tush. (From the National Lampoon)

Someone with the handle of RumpL4skn added the following:

This whole thing reminds me of an incident a few years ago, in my home town school district, wherein a certain high school teacher was accused of “introducing” some of his students to marijuana.

Apparently several of the students eventually developed such strong pot habits that they had “munched” themselves 20-30 lbs. overweight, and had voluntarily turned the teacher in out of anger.

It was not the first time . . . a pot smoker had been given away by dilated pupils.

And finally, there’s this anonymous offering.

Three men are sitting in a room smoking cannabis. After a few spliffs, they run out of gear. One of the men stands up and says, “Look, we’ve got loads more tobacco, I’ll just nip into the kitchen and make one of my specialty spliffs. ”

Off he goes into the kitchen where he takes some Cumin, Turmeric and a couple of other spices from the spice rack, grinds them up and rolls them into a spliff.

On his return he hands it to one of his smoking partners who lights it and takes a long drag. Within seconds he passes out. Ten minutes go by and he is still out cold, so the others decide to take him to hospital.

On arrival the nurses immediately take him to intensive care. A doctor returns to the friends and asks, “So what have you been doing then? Smoking cannabis?”

“Well sort of,” replies one of the guys, “But we ran out of gear, so I made a home-made spliff.”

“Ah,” replies the doctor, “And what did you put in it?”

“Oh, just a bit of cumin, some turmeric and a couple of other spices.”

The doctor sighs. “Well that explains it.”

“Why, what’s wrong with our friend?” asks one of the men.

The doctor replies, … “He’s in a karma.”

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