POP Mail

This is from the “Puns, Puns and More Puns” website. The author is not specified, but I suspect it may be the site keeper.

One day, another faculty member stopped in to ask if any e-mail software was available for our Mac lab. I told him there was a free program named POPMail that we could use, but I didn’t know whether we could make Adam, our lab server computer, act as a POP (Post Office Protocol) mail server.

Tom was enthusiastic. “No problem,” he said. “All we have to do is install ‘popper’.” (From this, I gathered that popper was some Unix program that could turn Adam into a POP machine.)

“Be sure to have Mike Prince do the installation,” I told him. Mike works for Campus Networking.

“Why Mike?” asked Tom, somewhat puzzled.

“Because they go together,” I explained. “The Prince and the popper.”

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