Poor Kitty

From rosecatt@webtv.net on alt.humor.puns

You know that a male cat is called a Tom, and a female is a Queen, right? Well, I was at the vet’s the other day with my cat Rosie, and a cat named Odie was brought in on an emergency basis with a stomach problem. Seems she had been inadvertently fed some of her owner’s sandwich, one of those new flat bread pita wraps everyone is so fond of these days. Her owner was some old hippy gal, you know very earthy crunchy, kind of a throwback to the bohemian types from the 60’s. Anyway, the vet’s assistant was trying to get this cat in ahead of mine. The vet said to her “All right, quick…. give me the details. Tom or Queen? What did the cat eat? And what’s the cat’s name?”

So the assistant said OK, and rattled it right off, “Queen. Bohemian Wraps. Odie.”

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