Political Bras

The author is not known. I will let you decide upon the truth of this tale.

A woman walked into a lingerie shop in Washington D.C. and said she needed to buy a bra. “Certainly, Miss,” said the salesperson. “We stock three kinds: a Democratic bra, a Republican bra, and a Liberal bra. I’m sure one will suit your needs.”

“I never heard of those kinds,” said the confused customer. “What’s the difference?”

The sales clerk explained, “The Democratic bra supports the fallen and uplifts the masses. The Republican bra makes mountains out of molehills. And if you buy a Liberal bra, your cups runneth over.”

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  1. Brian P. Combs

     /  April 19, 2010

    Well, they’re all restraining you in ways such that you’d feel better if you took it off and were truly free.

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