Poetic Justice

Another tale by Chris Cole

Little Fosworth was an unusual lad, in that he absolutely LOVED poetry. He even tried as much as possible to speak in verse. When people made fun of him, he took the opposite viewpoint, rhyming as he went, making sure others knew that for him, answering in rhyme was simply the con-verse. (As you can see, the little chap was a bit of a punster as well!) Anyway, just the other day a pair of hooligans attempted to rob the local coin collectorís shop, making off with armloads of bags full of precious and rare dimes. They never noticed little Fosworth as they jumped into their car and made their getaway. Ever the astute one, Fosworth simply jotted down their license plate number, which he then recited to the police officers who arrived at the crime scene. He said, “They made their getaway in a late model Chevrolet. Their license, you see, was HG413.” The police quickly captured the robbers and recovered all the stolen coins. The next morning’s newspapers carried the headline: Snitch in Rhyme Saves Dimes.

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