Play Ball

This story is *really* old and, somehow, has escaped inclusion in the collection until now. Many variations exist, some of which have been, or soon will be included.

Actually, this story concerns three elderly ladies, a large bottle of Jack Daniels (Black Label), and a baseball game. In addition, you get to be a detective. Our three protagonists went to their first Rangers game, something that was an occasion of great excitment to them. To add to the excitement, they smuggled a bottle of booze into the game, and started immediately to enhance the soft drinks they bought.

It was a good game. There was a lot of action on the field and a lot of action in the stands. All too soon, long before the game was over, the bottle was nearly empty.

By now, I have given you enough information to be able to tell us how far along we are in the game, and what the status of the game is.

OK? Go for it.

It’s the bottom of the fifth and the bags are loaded.

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