Pig Zen

The is by PShawOCnl@aol.com who says, “This one you can blame on me!” I do like it.

Why did certain mystic sects in Judea subscribe to an ascetic lifestyle, one that especially included the observance of very strict Levitical dietary laws?

Because not doing so often made for a very tricky gnosis.

Two excellent addenda to this morning’s Pig Zen story came back almost immediately.

Bob Levi said:

“I had to look up gnosis in my online MW dictionary. It’s defined as an “esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient Gnostics to be essential to salvation.

“I wonder if the agriculturally inclined Gnostics were considered to be Ag-Gnostics?”

Bob Cole said:

“How very kosher, indeed …. especially if they were also only allowed to eat beef that had a ring through the snout. Then, that dietary restriction would truly lead them around by their gnosis!”

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