Perils of a Gigolo

By Alan B. Combs. The punchline was inspired by a cartoon by Myke Ashley-Cooper and is used with his blessing. Myke has several web sites for his cartoons, [] and [], to name a couple.”

It kept on running through Fred’s head, that Louis Prima song, the one that goes, “I’m Just a gigolo, everywhere I go people know the part I’m playing.” Yeah, the song had it pretty much correct. Everyone knew Fred’s occupation, not that it bothered him much when times were good. But currently, times were not so good. His ladies were calling much less frequently, and business was drooping, even falling off.

Fred could not understand why. He had excellent hygiene, a killer tan, and he kept in shape. He had chiseled abs that you could cut yourself on (or upon, as the case may be). He watched all the new XXX-movies for tips and pointers. He practiced constantly.

He was doing everything right, professionally. Why weren’t the ladies calling? Finally, he decided that it might be that he was too good. Perhaps, the clientele was getting bored. The more he thought about it, the more likely this seemed to be. His ladies were coming down with a clear case of penis ennui.

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