Paul, John, Ringo, and George (redux)

Perhaps, you remember yesterday’s Thought for the Day which ended with the line, “We *all* live in a Jello-Tub, Marine.” Immediately, Bruce E Golightly (aka Anam) produced this outstanding topper.

Ah, I think I remember this base. It was quite far from “civilization” with the obvious result that the troops were forced to entertain themselves to a large extent. One of the more popular pastimes was cardplaying. A large number of groups met regularly to indulge themselves. Bridge, poker, and spades were played, but the most popular game by far was hearts.

It happened that a few of the NCOs were not well liked by the troops. One in particular was cordially hated. As a result, he was uniformly _not_ invited to any of the card sessions.

When he mentioned this to the CO, that worthy decided to put a stop to the whole business with the following directive: Sgt. Pepper’s lonely. Hearts club banned.

Copyright © 2001 by Bruce E. Golightly. All rights reserved, and displayed with permission.

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