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Interview: Dav Wallace

Category: News, Rated G

Tarzan’s Tripes first interviewed Dav in 2011, after he took second place in Punslingers. Dav won Punslingers last year, but the complexities of my having a then six-month-old kept me from interviewing him.

This year, Dav tied for third place in Punslingers, after falling to eventual winner Ben Ziek in the semi-finals.

He graciously agreed to be interviewed again this year.

Brian: Tarzan’s Tripes interviewed you a couple of years ago after the 2011 Pun-Off. What, if anything, has … Read the rest...

May the Farce be With You

Category: Picture Pun, Rated G

This picture pun is making the Kessel Run. I've Found the Rebel Bass

Flour Power

Category: Rated G, Short Snorts

Dennis Adams sent this little guy in.

What is the primary ingredient in bagels and doughnuts?

Hole wheat flour, of course.… Read the rest...

Turnip Beet a Ground

Category: Picture Pun, Rated G

Clever little picture pun making the rounds…

Lettuce Turnip the BeetRead the rest...

Buzz Off!

Category: Picture Pun, Rated G

A pun forty something years in the making. Neil before me

Punslingers Round Four, 1st Half (Video)

Category: Pun Cascade, Rated PG, Video

Due to batteries going kaput, I only caught the first of the two competitions in Round Four of Punslingers. It was between Ben Ziek and Dav Wallace, and the topic was Celebrity Questions.

Read the rest...

Punslingers Round Three (Video)

Category: Pun Cascade, Rated PG, Video

The third round of Punslingers involved eight competitors in four matches:

I was running low on batteries at this point, so I apologize for the abrupt break in the middle.

Topics covered included:
– Famous Vehicles
– Theatre
– Religion
– Tubes… Read the rest...

Gillian Anderson

Category: Picture Pun, Rated G

This visual pun is a bit more clever than most. Gillian Withouterson

Punslingers Round Two (Video)

Category: Pun Cascade, Puns, Rated PG, Video

Here’s the second round of Punslingers from last weekend’s O. Henry Pun-Off. It’s a mere 41 minutes in length.

Topics included:
– Handwriting Instruments
– Desserts, no Candy
– Exercise
– Magic & Illusions
– Currency & Coins
– Power Tools
– Fruits & Vegetables
– Archeology… Read the rest...

Putin on the Ritz

Category: Current Events, Picture Pun, Rated G

This series of picture puns is making the rounds.

Various Putin punsRead the rest...