Overtime for Stuntmen

A version of this pun is in Crosbie’s Dictionary Of Puns and another variant is in Himie Koshevoy’s “Treasure Jest of Best Puns.”

A Hollywood stuntman who could perform any deed was hired to perform in a thrilling Western movie. The script called for the stuntman to become a kind of springboard. To help the white settlers escape from the persuing Indians, the script called for the daredevil to lie on a cliff’s edge and push out as far as he could, holding his body stiff so that the settlers could use the extra six feet provided to jump safely to the opposite cliff edge. The stuntman thought that this particular deed was so hazardous that he should be paid double-time for his efforts. But, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t convince the producer that the stunt was worthy of extra pay. Morosely, as he went through with it and jutted from the cliff, he murmured to himself mournfully, …. “Here I am, a ledge end on my own time.”

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