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One for the Birds

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This came to us from Bob Levi, who said, “The following was sent to me by Dennis Director, one of the founders of the amazing Internet portal groupings called StartSpot.com.”

On a major highway leading into the forest is one of the world’s largest German car dealerships, specializing in Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. The already successful owner, Deital Schtickler, has been thinking “way outside of the box”.

He has combined his love of birding with his love of cars and is soon opening the world’s first car dealership / bird sanctuary. He comments “The Danube rises in Germany’s Black Forest and ends, after passing through the enormous filter of the Danube Delta, by flowing into the Black Sea off Romania. There are over 300 species of birds. A large percentage of the world wide population of these species live in area of the Danube basin.”

Schtickler says he feels a bit “wild and crazy” but thinks the idea will be very successful. He says he is allocating the eastern most 3,212.7 square meters of his huge showroom to birding. He invites everyone to come learn about the Dalmation Pelican, the Ferruginious Duck, the Glossy Ibis and the Ruddy Shelduck not to mention the Pygmy Cormorants .

The new complex will be called the Autobahn Autobarn Audubon Haus.

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