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This was Posted by Noel Lynn on alt.callahans.

Noel gets an evil gleam in her eye and stands as tall as her 5’2″ would allow. She drawls, “After Jake’s guitar, Lady MacBeth, was killed in a nuclear blast, he was instrumentless for some time. Well, I happen to know of a company (called the Hand Guitar Corporation) that makes custom guitars. I put Jake in touch with them and they agreed to make another for him.

“Well, Jake was very excited about having the Hand, and played it whenever he got the chance. One night, who should come into Callahan’s Place, but Eric Clapton. Jake being very impressed wanted Clapton to play a few numbers. Clapton, whose guitar was out in his car, asked to borrow Jake’s. It turned out that he usually played a Hand, as well, and he liked Jake’s new guitar very much.

“Fast Eddie, wanting to be a nice guy, had gone out to Clapton’s car and came back with Clapton’s guitar. Clapton was just leaving and in the ensuing mixup, left with Jake’s guitar.

“The next night, Jake took his usual place at the bar with Clapton’s guitar propped next to him.

“Wouldn’t you know it, Jake was sitting next to the right Hand of God.”

Seldom do I explain these jokes, but it may be necessary in this case. From a World Wide Web page about Clapton:

Eric Clapton was the focal point of the cult that formed around the electric guitar and guitarists during the sixties. Until the advent of Jimi Hendirix, Clapton was the unchallenged master of white rock-blues guitar playing, Clapton is God, read the graffiti in London; Plenty of aspiring guitarists believed it.

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